©2019 by Kseniya SIlant'eva




An interactive theatre based on George Orwell's dystopia 1984 involves visitors in an unforgettable experience of being a part of the performance that one can affect by their own behavior. Straight after entering the building, a visitor gets involved into the life of a devastated city, with indoctrinated citizens, whose actions are observed by the strict totalitarian government. A visitor gets the ability to go through a sequence of various scenes, represented as rooms and streets, which in combination with the actors’ play creates a unique atmosphere and breathtaking plot, described in the book. 

Having no stage boundaries, any observer can feel oneself as a hero of the show and gain more understanding of the dystopia by looking at one story from different perspectives, following actors and going into different the spaces that support the idea of surveillance. The theatre has an extra layer of observation, established by the hidden cameras that capture all the negative actions provoked by the actors that pretend to be visitors. At the very end of the act, visitors will be called into a room full of screens that will project their moral or immoral behavior and make them feel shame.