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Mr. Brü‎e Brewery is a home brewery found by a Russian rock musician Dmtriy Spirin. The retail design includes not only a bar and beer store, but also demonstrates the process of beer making that can attract clients. It is a comfortable place with interesting design features that keep the atmosphere of the given unique building (Grade II listed), represent the theme of the product and engage visitor interest. The interior interacts with the theme not only in terms of the beer’s packaging design, but also with Russian culture and the punk rock theme. 

Ground Floor

The ground floor has a microbrewery, as well as staff rooms, kitchen, storage and toilets. This area works as a museum which clients can visit during the daytime. Manufacturing area includes brew house, fermentation sets, malt mills and additional water plumbing for cleaning purposes. In addition, there is a storage room for rye with a cart. Another storage area is located near the kitchen that is equipped with a dishwasher, sink and a serving area that supplies the bar by clean dishes and products.  Moreover, there are changing rooms with lockers for staff and toilets with showers. I have also decided to bring the windows back as existing, so that they can show the process of beer making from the street view and attract clients

Upper Floor

The upper ground floor contains three main areas: a bar with a seating area, a concert room and a shop. In addition, there are toilets, including one for disabled. Staircase plays a very important role as it works as a retail display and decoration. One side of the stairs is attached to the transparent wall of  the shop that contains shelves for beer display.  Another side of the stairs is made of squares in different sizes which are used as shelves for decorations of gzhel sculptures. The wall, located near  the facade windows is used as a seating area. There are lots of gzhel plates located on the central wall as a part of decoration. Moreover, pillows on sofas are made in gzhel style as well. Bar and lounge red chairs are the same in style and color. Furthermore, shelves located amongst the windows work as advertisement of the product from the exterior as bottles can be seen through the windows. I also decided to highlight the old and stylish moldings; therefore they are painted in blue colors, whereas the rest of the wall is white. 


Mezzanine level is designed for the office purpose. It is connected with the main area by the glassed staircase with decorative shelves and retail display inside of it. The location of the office has been chosen to be at the upper levels; therefore, staff will be able to observe and control bar and brewery as well as shop. The walls that surround the office are made from strong glass and have mate surface at its bottom to hide the office from the visitors that can look upwards. The space is suitable for a wheelchair user and can be approached using a lift that comes from the lower ground floor to the mezzanine level. Moreover, it has enough space for maneuvering and contains two desks both suitable for disabled people. These desks are designed for a director and one’s secretary and can be used by other members of staff if it will be needed.