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The redevelopment of the sixty-year-old flat had challenged me with its limited space and storage, low ceiling height and floor plan. The present conditions of such flats have uncomfortable atmosphere, old utilities and absent of private space; therefore, the goals were to overcome these problems. As a result, I came up with the extraordinary wall planning and spacious environment for a couple that provides adequate level of privacy, storage and functions. 

Soviet buildings of the 1960’s were a great opportunity to provide a lot of living space for the citizens. The main goals of the building industry were to provide as many accommodation as possible, satisfy the basic needs and provide more personal space by creating separate flats instead of communal living. These buildings were also good in terms of fast construction, economy of the space and cost reduction. Although Soviet architects were able to use the limited space effectively, present inhabitants of these buildings face with problems such as different needs of those times and today. 

Proposed Plan

Existing Plan