©2019 by Kseniya SIlant'eva




The design concept of a lobby of the apartment block reflects the iconic façade and era of the legendary building, built in the 1960’s. The chosen colors represent two themes about the building: blue highlights nautical feel as the building is by the sea and has decorative exterior elements with that color; orange is a common in the 1960’s retro design style. Based on the client’s requirement, the lobby has an inviting atmosphere with seating areas dedicated for socializing. Chosen materials provide a cozy and welcoming feeling and are durable and pragmatic. Their patterns represent retro style and visually expand the space and furniture, and the lighting fixtures style creates a strong connection with architecture of the building. The backroom represents the historical significance of the building and the small photo gallery provides people with an overview of the changes of the city.  

Work done at KTM Design