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Shipping containers can be considered as a very reliable, strong, good in terms of thermal insulation and easy in construction building material, especially in case of a natural disaster. They can also be composed in various arrangements in terms of amount of living spaces needed, depending of provided area and natural conditions.  I have created three types of rooms: single, double and one for a family of four. Moreover, these containers can be transformed in various combinations to save the resources and spaces. This accommodation can be located anywhere and does not need any water supply as the public toilet is located in another building. In terms of personal space, each room has a personal kitchen with little water tanks installed. 

 Single Room


Double Room


Family Room


Each room has enough storage space for emergency conditions. Due to the limited space, I have thought about using every single squared centimeter for a special purpose that responds to basic needs. People can store their belongings not only in wardrobes and chests of drawers, but also underneath their beds. Each person will be provided by a personal bed, storage facilities, a desk and kitchen. All of the furniture is the same in every type of container; therefore, it will be easier to relocate the containers and keep one style that is good in terms of psychological conditions. Kitchens for more than two inhabitants have a sofa that can be re-transformed into a bed.